Program Untuk Sekolah

Explore what we have to offer preschool, primary and secondary school groups.


ArtScience Museum menawarkan serangkaian aktivitas dan bahan yang menarik bagi siswa kelompok prasekolah, sekolah dasar, dan sekolah menengah. Pelajari lebih lanjut dengan:

Panduan untuk guru

Panduan ini gratis dan dapat diunduh dari tab 'Pameran' di atas. Panduan ini berisi informasi tentang objek dan tema yang akan dieksplorasi selama kunjungan kelompok Anda, lengkap dengan keterkaitannya dengan kurikulum sekolah.

Panduan pendidikan versi cetak yang disusun sesuai dengan isi pameran

Bahan untuk para siswa disesuaikan untuk berbagai tingkat: prasekolah, dasar, dan menengah dan terhubung dengan kurikulum sekolah. Bahan untuk guru sekolah dasar dan menengah berisi informasi terperinci tentang pameran yang dapat digunakan sebelum atau setelah berkunjung ke museum.

Tur terpandu pameran yang dipandu oleh pemandu terlatih kami

Kelompok peserta dapat mengikuti tur berpemandu pameran gratis bersama petugas kami, dan diberi banyak kesempatan berdiskusi untuk mendorong mereka agar berpikir kritis. Berbagai tur kami tawarkan kepada kelompok dengan anggota minimum 20 siswa dan dengan memperhatikan ketersediaan.

Workshop dan demonstrasi kreatif yang interaktif

Workshop kami memberikan pemahaman yang lebih atas tema terkait pameran ini dan memungkinkan siswa untuk mengeksplorasi kreativitas mereka. Workshop kreatif kami tawarkan kepada kelompok dengan anggota minimum 20 siswa dan dengan memperhatikan ketersediaan.

Penyempurna kunjungan dan aktivitas dalam pameran

Kesempatan interaktif tambahan ditawarkan kepada semua kelompok sekolah di Museum ArtScience. Untuk keterangan selengkapnya, lihat tab 'Pameran'.

Kami menantikan kedatangan Anda!

Explore our current and upcoming touring exhibitions:

  • Annie Leibovitz A Photographer’s Life 1990-2005

Visit our What's On page for a full description of these exhibitions.

Annie Leibovitz A Photographer’s Life 1990-2005

Annie Leibovitz adalah salah satu seniman dan fotografer Amerika paling terkenal yang pernah ada. Annie memulai kariernya sebagai staf fotografer di majalah musik rock Rolling Stone pada tahun 1970. Di Vanity Fair, kemudian di Vogue, ia mengembangkan banyak karya —potret aktor, direktur, penulis, musisi, atlet, politisi dan tokoh bisnis, serta foto-foto fashion — yang memperluas kumpulan potret kehidupan kontemporernya.
Annie Leibovitz A Photographer’s Life 1990 – 2005 menyajikan narasi terpadu tentang kehidupan pribadi Annie Leibovitz di balik latar belakang citra publiknya.
Sesuai untuk siswa sekolah menengah, terutama yang mempelajari seni, pameran ini mencakup potret tokoh-tokoh terkenal, termasuk aktor dan aktris seperti Leonardo DiCaprio, Jamie Foxx, Demi Moore saat hamil, Scarlett Johansson, Nicole Kidman dan Brad Pitt. Foto fitur lainnya termasuk reportase Leibovitz saat pengepungan Sarajevo pada tahun 1990an dan terpilihnya Hillary Clinton menjadi anggota senat AS. Pameran ini juga memamerkan serangkaian foto lanskap.

Tur berpemandu
Tergantung ketersediaan, kunjungan grup sekolah dengan jumlah minimal 20 orang siswa memenuhi syarat untuk mengikuti tur berpemandu penuh wawasan tentang salah satu fotografer terbaik yang hidup di masa ini.

Our Ongoing Workshops include tours and workshops for schools which explore ArtScience subjects in an enjoyable, hands-on way, and which are tailored to the age and abilities of your students. All allow each student to express themselves creatively as well as learn about the topic. All complement the curriculum in their relevant areas.
  • Photography: Fun with Photograms
  • Photography: Colour and Composition
  • Architecture Adventure
Schools can book on to one or more workshop, subject to availability. Limited to 40 pax per workshop.

Photography: Fun with Photograms: For Primary and Secondary students
Experimenting with light and composition in a darkroom environment, create and develop your own photogram using traditional print photography methods. 1 hour.
Photography: colour and composition: For Primary and Secondary students
Embark on a journey of colours in this digital workshop which introduces the important interplay between colour and composition. Photographs will be emailed to your school for your own use. 1 hour.
Architecture Adventure: For Pre-school, Primary and Secondary students
Free Pre-visit Resources for Educators downloadable here:
All architecture workshops include a tour of the museum, take-away printed resources, and hands-on, creative activities tailored to the students’ ages and abilities.

Pre-school/Lower Primary: Enjoy a specially-written and illustrated story about Ah Tek and his adventure with different animal friends. Enjoy singing and dancing to the Building Shapes song (the free MP3 file will be emailed to you on booking), and find shapes on a tour of the ArtScience Museum building. 1 hour.
Upper Primary: Explore structure and shapes in this interactive tour and workshop. Enjoy an illustrated story, understand the key features of the ArtScience Museum building, learn how buildings stay up, and in teams, construct a new and iconic accommodation block.

Secondary: Enjoy an interactive tour of the iconic ArtScience Museum building, including sketching and design activities. Complete your journey with a team construction challenge, where using new materials, you need to design and build an accommodation block with a difference. 1.5 hours
Per student
Exhibition1 and Workshop2 $13.00
Exhibition visit1 $10.00
Workshop only2 & 3 $3.00

1 Admission to all exhibitions on show at the time of visit.
2 Not available on weekends and public holidays. Advance booking of at least 5 working days required.
3 Applies to Ongoing Workshops only.

  • School Group rates apply to Pre-school, Primary, Secondary, Junior College (JC), Centralised Institute (CI) and Institute of Technical Education (ITE) college students.
  • For every ten paying primary, secondary, JC, CI and ITE college students, an educator gets free entry. For every five paying pre-school students, an educator gets free entry. Usual admission charges apply for additional visitors.
  • For every ten paying students, an educator can participate in the workshop for free. A workshop fee of $5 applies for each additional educator.

To request educational materials or free pre-visit recce, please email


  • Please ensure that the chartered bus driver is familiar with the alighting point, Sands Expo and Convention Centre.
  • Please check for directions to the museum once your students are alighted.

Arrival and Admission

  • Please plan on arriving at the museum 20 minutes before your scheduled visit to allow time for payment and admission.
  • Please have a total count of students and teachers before making payment.
  • All large school bags need to be checked in with our Visitor Services staff in the museum lobby.
  • A museum Docent will meet your group when you arrive.

Cancellation Policy

  • All requests to change or cancel existing bookings must be made in writing via email to In the email, include your name, telephone number, name of the school and date of booking.
  • Three-day advance notice is required for cancellation of bookings.

Payment and Refund Policies

  • Tickets will only be issued upon receipt of full payment.
  • There are no refunds or exchanges on tickets once payment is processed.
  • Tickets are subject to availability at the time of booking.
  • Conditions of sale apply.


  • Please notify us of any access needs when making your booking.
  • Wheelchairs are available, free of charge, on a first-come, first-served basis. Please approach our Visitor Service staff for assistance.

Consideration for Others

  • Although discussion in the galleries is encouraged, please keep voices respectfully low.
  • Please help to keep your group together during the whole course of the visit.
  • Mobile phones must be turned off while in the galleries.
  • Please ask your students not to run in the galleries.

Respect for Museum Objects

  • Please ask your students not to touch any of the objects in the Museum. The invisible oil on the fingertips leaves a film on any surface touched. Over time, these marks attract dust and pollutants from the air, damaging and obscuring surfaces.
  • Please ask your students to refrain from pointing or gesturing when close to unprotected works of art.

Photography & Video Recording

  • Photography and filming are strictly prohibited in the galleries unless otherwise stated.

Food and Beverage

  • Please do not carry or consume any food or drink.
  • There are no designated picnic areas within the museum. However, subject to availability, we can sometimes accommodate smaller groups eating their packed lunches or snacks. Please call us to discuss this possibility in advance of your booking.

Other Information

  • In case of emergency, students should know that they can ask for help from a security guard or any museum staff. If there is an emergency at the museum, please follow the instructions of security and museum staff.
  • Restrooms can be found on each floor.
  • The museum reserves the right to ask groups or individuals behaving in an offensive or unreasonable manner to leave the site.



Exhibition: $10/student
Exhibition + Workshop: $13/student