Drink to this

Get to know the tasty tipples taking top billing at Marina Bay Sands’ Social Hour.

Pretty as a picture

1. White Cosmopolitan @ db BISTRO & OYSTER BAR

This vodka-based cocktail with St. Germain liqueur, lime and white cranberry juice is modern, smacks of elegance, and goes great with seafood.

2. Rough Love @ CUT By Wolfgang Puck

Comprising Tanquerey 10 gin, Japanese plum wine and champagne, this pretty cocktail sits daintily in a bourdeaux glass, graced by a raspberry resting on a block of ice within. The name is a good enough reason to order a glass, as it’s a wonderful ice breaker.

3. Night King @ LAVO

This frozen cocktail is “complex with a nutty texture”. Disaronno, Peychaud’s bitters and honey-infused rosemary are mixed with Johnny Walker’s White Walker Edition whiskey and garnished with rosemary and burnt cinnamon for a show-stopping finish.

Aura of mystery

4. Crystal Ball @ Yardbird Southern Table & Bar

This palate-cleansing martini cocktail was inspired by Casino Royale’s Vesper Martini. Lychee and raspberry flavour are mixed with St. Germain liqueur and lend a dry-martini finish, just like James Bond’s poison of choice.

5. Samurai Mule @ Waku Ghin

This refreshing cocktail is served in a copper mug and sports sake as its hero ingredient, with ginger beer and lime juice playing supporting roles. The Samurai Mule goes beautifully with Waku Ghin’s delicious simple bites.

Good as gold

6.  5 o’Clock @ Bread Street Kitchen

Try having your mid-afternoon cuppa as a cocktail—specifically, this aromatic, tea-infused whisky concoction. Drambuie, pineapples, cinnamon, cloves, anise, lemons, oranges, simple syrup and milk ensure a heady mix of flavours and transport you to tea-party heaven.

7. Kyoto’s Garden @ Adrift

Roku Gin, yuzu, Geisha blossom tea, and pineapple and passionfruit juices lend their fruity, sour flavours to this bracing creation, which pairs well with seafood and suits the restaurant’s modern-izakaya inspiration to a T.

8. Club55 @ Club55

This spectacular cocktail brings together aged rum, fresh lime, basil and aromatic bitters in a classic double rocks glass. Sit back, relax, and enjoy the great city and ocean views at Club55 with a Club55.

Ripe for the picking

9. Cherry Slinger @ Renku Bar & Lounge

This updated version of a vintage cocktail is a refreshing, exotic concoction of Gin Mare, cherry brandy, Benedictine Dom, citrus juices and cherry syrup.

10. Love You Long Time @ Spago Bar & Lounge

A merry medley of premium Ketel One vodka, tangerine, yuzu, and yuzu sake served in a burgundy glass with a block of ice and garnished with fresh basil. Savour it slowly with the Laksa Spring Roll at the alfresco bar & lounge.

11. Nostra Spritz @ Nostra Cucina

Sloe gin is balanced with maraschino cherries, berries, Contreau and prosecco, and topped with soda. It’s the perfect aperitif to start your evening with and work up your appetite for the rest of the night.

Enjoy 50% off these signature cocktails during Social Hour at Marina Bay Sands, every Tuesday from 6pm to 9pm, and 9pm till late at Club55. Find out more at marinabaysands.com/socialhour