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Gali wawasan dari deretan topik menarik yang menampilkan karya-karya terbaik dari kancah seni dan ilmu pengetahuan, serta reguk inspirasi dari semangat para pemimpin industri terkemuka yang memberikan presentasi menarik di sini.

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Saturday, 25 November | 2:00pm
Expression Gallery, Level 4
Free on a first-come, first-served basis, subject to capacity. Register in the lobby.

Natural history is essential to expanding our understanding of the diversity of life in a rapidly changing world – a 4.5 billion year old story that is continuing to unfold. It is deeply marked by human curiosity and longing, representing our attempts to make sense of nature. Yet it also reveals our complicated relationship with it, exposing our hopes, fears, and questions about our place in natural world.

Held in conjunction with the opening of Treasures of the Natural World, Conversations invites you to contemplate our encounters with natural environments and consider our connection to an extraordinarily complex, fragile network of interconnected natural systems.

Speakers include Susan Holmes (Lead Interpretation Developer of Treasures of the Natural World, Natural History Museum, London), Dr David Middleton (Director of Research and Conservation & Keeper of the Herbarium, Singapore Botanic Gardens), Daniel Tham (Curator (Exhibitions, Research & Publications), National Museum of Singapore), Dr John van Wyhe (Senior Lecturer, Department of Biological Sciences, Fellow of Tembusu College, National University of Singapore), Ann Ang (Poet and educator), Dr Benjamin P Horton (Associate Chair, Asian School of the Environment, Nanyang Technological University), Sabrina Smith (Community Engagement Director, Earth Observatory of Singapore) and Honor Harger (Executive Director, ArtScience Museum).