MEET THE TEAM: Hitch Lim, Associate Director of Luxury Travel, Marina Bay Sands

Marina Bay Sands’ US$1.75 billion reinvestment programme – a multi-year transformation and its most ambitious to date – aims to set new benchmarks for a new era of luxury hospitality. With this enhancement of the property’s luxury strategy, the integrated resort has launched a new unit – Luxury Travel – to focus on understanding and catering to the needs of high value guests looking for luxury hospitality experiences.

Hitch Lim joined Marina Bay Sands as Associate Director of Luxury Travel in September 2023 and brings with him years of experience working with partners in the luxury travel scene.

1. Describe a regular day at work.

A regular workday could revolve around meticulous planning and close collaboration with different stakeholders across the integrated resort or talking to potential partners and delegates from around the world at international tradeshows to promote our luxury experiences.

I actively engage with teams from various departments to piece together products that effectively showcase Marina Bay Sands, both locally and internationally. During my work trips to tradeshows such as ILTM Cannes, I highlight the resort’s distinctive appeal as a luxurious property coupled with bespoke offerings to Luxury Consortia Programmes and their member agencies.

Prior to this, we had little imperative to collaborate with the luxury travel scene as many of our rooms were taken up by MICE delegates and leisure travellers. However, with the property’s renewed focus on the luxury market, our aim is to present them with an exceptional product and educate them on our ultra-luxe suites and experiences which they can promote to their network of high-net-worth clients. This enhances their portfolio and allows them to cater to customers with more discerning tastes, amplifying the value proposition of our collaboration.

A significant part of my role involves pulling together the different unique offerings and experiences across the entire integrated resort and translating them into tangible deliverables. This requires thoughtful consideration of approaches and meticulous pricing strategies for product distribution. The day-to-day operations demand a strategic mindset as I navigate the intricacies of ensuring the resort's offerings meet and exceed expectations.

2. What do you enjoy about the role?

In this newly established role, created alongside our US$1.75 billion reinvestment programme and our greater emphasis on targeting the luxury market, I find immense satisfaction in building something entirely new from the ground up and this serves as a personal and professional milestone.

What I particularly enjoy is the adrenaline rush that comes with orchestrating operations on a scale distinct from my previous experiences. Coordinating efforts across different departments from Brands and Marketing for collaterals to Hotel Operations and Attractions to ensure a seamless customer experience across various touchpoints is not only exhilarating but also showcases the collaborative spirit within the organisation.

This supportive environment provided by my superiors also facilitates a smoother workflow, allowing me to focus on the dynamic aspects of establishing and optimising processes in this exciting venture into the luxury market.

3. Why is it important to focus on luxury travel now?

As an iconic landmark in Singapore, Marina Bay Sands holds the responsibility of setting the benchmark for luxury travel experiences. Being synonymous with the city, Marina Bay Sands plays a key role in defining and elevating the standards of opulence in the travel industry.

Post-COVID, the shift in preferences among luxury travellers emphasises the need for more immersive and holistic experiences. Discerning travellers now seek more sustainable design elements, warm welcomes, and a profound sense of place when exploring new environments. We are moving away from transactional hospitality experiences and Marina Bay Sands recognises the significance of aligning with these evolving expectations.

Moreover, the integrated resort boasts a unique advantage. Visitors not only have access to the finest luxury hotel amenities but can also engage in state-of-the-art conventions and exhibitions, savour world-class entertainment, immerse themselves in culture at ArtScience Museum, and indulge in premium shopping and dining experiences. This positions Marina Bay Sands as a distinguished player in catering to the multifaceted needs of today's discerning luxury travellers.

4. How do you offer greater value to your clients?

Our commitment to providing greater value to clients is rooted in a focus on quality experiences over quantity. Tailoring our offerings to meet the bespoke needs of each client is paramount, ensuring that every interaction with Marina Bay Sands is a unique and memorable experience.

The creation of my role is aligned with a pivotal shift in the integrated resort’s target segment to focus on luxury customers. With the IR’s transformation, I’m excited to think about the future of my role and curating luxurious and memorable experiences with the Marina Bay Sands family.