Winners who are vaccinated will receive up to $888 ADDITIONAL Destination Dollars!
Swipe your membership card at any Sands Rewards LifeStyle kiosk to get up to 50 FREE bonus chances. Available 3 days before each draw date (once per day) from 12am to 11.55pm.
E.g. For the Labour Day Draw on 1 & 2 May, the Early Bird Special would be from 28 – 30 Apr.
Get 10 EXTRA bonus chances when you activate between 6am and 2pm on each draw date.
Enjoy 0% administrative fee for Rewards redemption on all lucky draw dates. Click here to view all Sands Rewards outlets.

Terms and Conditions


First lucky draw chance is FREE! From 1 Jan, get 1 additional chance with every S$100 nett spend at any of our Sands Rewards Outlets. No limit to the number of chances you can get.
Activate your lucky draw entries before 4pm on the draw dates.

Catch the Early Bird Special & Power Timing to get more bonus chances!

Check draw results at any Sands Rewards LifeStyle kiosk after 7pm on the draw dates.

  • Special Draw at 5pm: 140 lucky winners will win up to $888 Destination Dollars! Prizes to be redeemed by 11.59pm on the following day.
  • Finale Draw at 6pm: 10 lucky winners will win up to $10,000 Destination Dollars! Prizes to be redeemed by 11.59pm on the draw date.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Vaccination Bonus and how do I qualify?

In support of the efforts to encourage the take-up of COVID-19 vaccination, Marina Bay Sands will be offering a Vaccination Bonus to Festive Draw winners who have received at least 1 dose of COVID-19 vaccination.


Type of Draw

Prize Won

First Vaccination Dose Received

Second Vaccination Dose Received

Finale Draw

Top Prize

$388 Destination Dollars

$888 Destination Dollars

Special Draw & Finale Draw

Other Prizes

$18 Destination Dollars

$38 Destination Dollars


Upon the completion of your Special Draw and/or Finale Draws Kiosk Game, please approach any Sands Reward LifeStyle counter before 11.59pm on the second day following the respective draw dates and present proof of your COVID-19 vaccination to redeem the Vaccination Bonus prize. Each eligible member is entitled to redeem only one Vaccination Bonus prize for each type of lucky draw on each draw date.

You need to swipe your membership card at any Sands Rewards LifeStyle kiosk for 1 – 3 days within the Early Bird Special period to get up to 50 bonus chances.

Receive 10 additional bonus chances if you activate from 6am to 2pm (“Power Timing”) on the respective draw dates.

Yes, you have to activate your chances at any Sands Rewards LifeStyle kiosk on each draw date. These kiosks are located all around Marina Bay Sands for your convenience.

For your health and well-being, please observe safe distancing measures while participating in our draws.

Your number of lucky draw chances are calculated based on your spending from 1 Jan.

1st Chance = Free

Subsequent Chances = Every S$100 spend

Spend refers to purchase amount excluding any goods and services tax, and service charge.

If you have activated your chances on the draw date, you do not need to re-activate them. Draw system will be updated automatically with your new chances.

There is only one draw at each draw time. All members picked are final.

To adhere to safe distancing and crowd control measures, draw results will not be posted at the Event Area. To check the results, download the Marina Bay Sands Singapore mobile app or visit here.

For the 5pm draw, redeem your prize at any Sands Rewards LifeStyle kiosk in Marina Bay Sands by 11.59pm on the following day.

E.g. winners of the 5pm draw on 8 Aug must redeem their prizes by 11.59pm on 9 Aug.

For the 6pm draw, approach the Event Area before 11.59pm on each draw date to redeem your prize.