Department in the Spotlight

Fuelled by passion and sheer dedication to their craft, our culinary team is a force to be reckoned with when it comes to delivering exceptional dining offerings. Find out what inspires our senior chefs, and how they speak the universal language of food despite their diverse backgrounds.

Chef Dwayne Emuang

Associate Director of Culinary, Marina Bay Sands

Chef Dwayne believes that character and a heart to serve exceptional food are traits that determine a true chef.

Chef Eric Chan

Executive Sous Chef, Paiza Club and Ruby Lounge

Chef Eric helms from Hong Kong where he started his F&B career in 1991. Today, he oversees the daily food operations and menu creations for the casino’s VIP lounges and special events.

Chef Fukashi Adachi
Chef Fukashi Adachi

Executive Japanese Chef, Marina Bay Sands

Having amassed over 20 years of culinary experience across Bangkok, San Francisco, and Singapore, Chef Fukashi brings his expertise in Japanese cuisine to Marina Bay Sands' RISE restaurant and Paiza Club.

Chef Joeky Ang
Chef Joeky Ang

Senior Sous Chef, Fatt Choi Express

A pioneer team member of Marina Bay Sands, Chef Joeky brings with him more than 35 years of culinary experience across renowned Chinese dining establishments.

Chef Roy Foo
Chef Roy Foo

Chef De Cuisine, Tong Dim Noodle Bar and The Nest 

With over 25 years of culinary experience under his belt, award-winning veteran Chef Roy Foo leads a 35-strong team at both Tong Dim Noodle Bar and The Nest.