All Possible Paths: Richard Feynman’s Curious LifeAll Possible Paths: Richard Feynman’s Curious Life


Feynman’s friends and colleagues have contributed essays to share their memories of him as part of the celebration for his centenary, these essays are available for download.

Frank Wilczek

American theoretical physicist, mathematician and a Nobel laureate

• A Great Physicist's Visions of a Future for Tiny Objects by Frank Wilczek
• How Feynman Diagrams Almost Saved Space by Frank Wilczek

Lars Brink

Swedish theoretical physicist, and one of the pioneers of superstring theory

• Richard Feynman, the King of Seminars by Lars Brink

Harald Fritzsch

German theoretical physicist known for his contributions to the theory of quarks and the development of Quantum Chromodynamics

• Richard Feynman by Harald Fritzsch

Lance Dixon

American theoretical particle physicist, professor at Stanford Linear Accelerator Center

• Richard Feynman as Viewed by a Caltech Undergrad, 1978 – 1982 by Lance Dixon

Pierre Ramond

Distinguished professor of physics at University of Florida in Gainesville, Florida, who also initiated the development of superstring theory

• Remembering Feynman at One Hundred by Pierre Ramond

George Zweig

American physicist trained as a particle physicist under Richard Feynman, known for independently introducing the quark model

• Remembering Feynman by George Zweig

John Schwarz

American theoretical physicist, one of the founders of string theory

• Reminiscences of Richard Feynman and His View of String Theory by John Schwarz

Freeman Dyson

English-born American theoretical physicist and mathematician most known for his work in quantum electrodynamics, solid-state physics, astronomy and nuclear engineering

• This Side Idolatry by Freeman Dyson

Richard Field

American physicists and Professor Emeritus at University of Florida

• Me, My Family, and Feynman by Richard Field

Michael Creutz

American theoretical physicists at Brookhaven National Laboratory specializing in computational physics

• My Encounters with Feynman by Michael Creutz