Section 4: Reproduction

In the natural world, the survival of the species is not only dependent on evolutionary adaption, but also on reproduction. This is no exception to Jansen’s Strandbeests, prompting the question: how do Strandbeests reproduce?

Jansen believes that his creatures reproduce in an alternative form, which manifests in the form of producing models, including working with other inventors to create 3D printed beests, publishing his ‘13 Holy Numbers’ as an open source code to encourage others to create their own versions of Strandbeests to using the Internet as a tool to spread the images of these creatures to others.

Championing Jansen’s understanding and interpretation of reproduction, the concluding section examines how we can participate in propagating the Strandbeests.

Animaris Siamesis
Suicideem, the Period of Self-Destruction

         As its name Siamesis (Latin root for ‘Twins’) suggests, it has two bodies, one anchored to the other to provide stability. This is the largest Strandbeest, consisting of six walking units (Ordis), totalling 72 legs and weighing over 200kg. Siamesis ‘walks’ in the gallery every Sunday, 11am. Join us at one of the reanimation session and share your videos of Siamesis in action on social media.         

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